• Life Long Learning Program - Gundtvig Partnership 2011-2013
  • Project Team
  • Workshop in Ploiesti, RO - February 2012
  • Workshop in London, UK - may 2012
  • Workshop in Regio Calabria, IT - Oct 2012
  • Workshop in Regio Calabria, IT - October 2012
  • Workshop in Caceres, SP - April 2013
  • Award ceremony in Caceres, April 2013


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Key objectives in learning about renewable energy are:  

 1. To develop and share creative and innovative methods to engage learners all individuals need for personal fulfillment and development, inclusion and employment.

2. 2: To encourage teachers to see themselves as facilitators in the learning process rather than just subject experts who disseminate knowledge.

3. To encourage the development of a ‘joyful’ learning concerning renewable energies.

The partners  in the project from Turkey, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania and Italy will build on past  experiences:

(http://letsdoit.upol.cz/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=czech_presentations:investigating_solar_panels_for_teaching_electricity.ppt  ) 



(http://jpetutors.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=64&Itemid=100 )

of working on other European projects,  each has their own strengths in terms of development of training courses.   The topics of learning about European counties; environment and sustainable development and raising of pedagogy and didactics to develop modules on the theme of renewable energy  that serve the goals of Europe 2020. 

There will be 4 international workshops in Romania, United Kingdom,  Italy and Spain.      

Modules on the theme of renewable energy will be researched, reviewed  as local activities and best practices will be shared at the international workshops.  Easier  access to this learning has to be motivated  for education of topics in renewable energy to be sustainable in 2020.  New teaching resources will be produced and shared for digital radio.    

  • Understanding wind energy & water energy for EU's 2020 vision. Materials provided by  all Partners  on hydro power focused on. 
  • Understanding use of solar energy for EU's 2020 vision,  
  • Understanding use geothermal energy for EU's 2020 vision,
  • Understanding production nuclear energy for EU's 2020 vision,
  • Understanding manufacture of  bio-fuels, by  fermentation, distillation of alcohols, production of 2,5-dimethylfuran. DMF and biodiesel for EU's 2020 vision, 
  • Understanding use of biowaste for for EU's 2020 vision,
  • Green use of  wood burning and solar energy stoves in cooking for EU's 2020 vision will be examined. Best practices and  techniques on food microbiology and hygiene  will  be shared with partners and adult learners to investigate solar cooking.