• Life Long Learning Program - Gundtvig Partnership 2011-2013
  • Project Team
  • Workshop in Ploiesti, RO - February 2012
  • Workshop in London, UK - may 2012
  • Workshop in Regio Calabria, IT - Oct 2012
  • Workshop in Regio Calabria, IT - October 2012
  • Workshop in Caceres, SP - April 2013
  • Award ceremony in Caceres, April 2013

CERE (Let's Do It Creatively ... and Environmentally with Renewable Energy) is a Life Long Learning - Grundtvig Partnership co-financed by EU and approved in 2011. The  partners are from UK (coordinator), Romania, Italy and Spain. The partnership is a transnational initiative of four experienced partners with a proven dialogue  whose main objective is to motivate  creative learning in  sustainable development, eco-innovation, energy efficiency in the area of renewable energy and  environment to help meet  the "20/20/20" climate/energy targets.   And have fun doing it.